Safety Systems Business

Inflators- To enhance vehicle safety, we have expanded our scope to include inflators in our products.

Micro Gas Generators-A micro gasoline generator is a mechanism that, in the event of a collision, retracts the seatbelt. It has been used in various ways, such as shifting headrests or seats, or releasing the front hood to protect pedestrians by adjusting the seatbelt relative to the inflated airbag to improve the effectiveness of the airbag.

Squibs-Inflators and micro fuel mills have a squib, that’s an igniting element. The sensor detects a collision, and an electric current is sent to the squib, igniting and activating the agent within, and when the squib activates, the gas generated by the inflator is transferred to the squib to propel it.

Automobile Safety Parts: How they Work:

  1. Vehicles are equipped with a Collision sensor, which detects collisions at the front end.
  2. An accident causes a collision if the diagnostic device detects it.
  3. The Squib is activated when a signal is relayed to it as an indication of an accident.
  4. By relaying electrical signals through the squib, the explosive agent ignites.
  5. Gas is produced after the gasoline generating agent is fired.
  6. The “seatbelt pretensioner” retracts the seatbelt whilst the “airbag” is filled, mitigating the passenger’s surprise.
  7. This method takes kind of zero.05 seconds to finish from 1 to six.