Functional Chemicals Business

In our beneficial materials organization, we offer epoxy resins that fulfill as an insulator for semiconductor encapsulation, uv-curable resins that are used in a number regions together with color resists, solder masks, and tough coatings, and maleimide resins with high warm temperature resistance and espresso transmission loss that are used in circuit boards. We also integrate proprietary resins with structuring technology to produce superior-grade items including resin composites, sealants for LCD panels, led materials, photoresists, insulating materials, and cleaning agents used for generating LED displays (colour filters) and semiconductors.


Display chemicals – Colour filters for shows, substrate glass cleaners and withstand strippers well-matched with many types of metal wire are amongst our products.

Semiconductor chemicals – Diverse builders and resist strippers well matched with high- decision photolithography methods are covered in our bundle. For the wafer level package deal method, we also provide strippers for thick movie terrible resist and dry movie resist applications, in addition to a put up ash residue remover. We may additionally provide products which can be absolutely well suited with relevant guidelines and guidelines, as well as environmentally pleasant chemicals that don’t consist of NMP.

Electronic components cleaners – Cleaners for flux cleaning of electronic components are a part of our product line. Those cleaners are safe for the environment and do now not contain halogen solvents like fluorine or chlorine.