The Nippon Keisuke sprite represents our dedication to offering amazing merchandise thru development and joined forces. Based on this Code of Conduct, Conduct of Action Guidelines, and Charter of Conduct, CSR- primarily based control implies in search of to acquire the Keisuke spirit to set up a sturdy employer to fulfill our social, economic, and environmental responsibilities.

Our Business

Agrochemicals Business

Supporting agricultural development and production of high-quality food.
Nippon Kayaku has been developing, manufacturing, and selling the agrochemicals (pesticides, herbicides, and soil fumigants) that are essential for maintaining a stable supply of food, the pesticides for killing insanitary insects, etc.

Functional Chemicals Business

Our purpose is to provide one type of chemical substance to areas such as statistics, publishing, virtual printing, electricity preservation and resource conservation, as well as sensing through the combination of our resin, colorants, catalysts, x-ray era and optical processing. In addition, we offer environmentally friendly products that reduce the impact on the environment and save energy, assistance, and co2 emissions by providing statistics, communications, and virtual printing. Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of the clients and society, we will be able to provide products that will foster a safe and secure existence for people, strengthen the internet of things and facilitate mobility.

Pharmaceuticals Business

We understanding in cancer goods and can handle the whole thing else from new medicinal drugs to generics, as well as deliver scientific establishments with the records they wished on anti-most cancers capsules. Our key domain are “Speciality, Bio similar & Generic”.We have got targeted our organisation on anti-cancer medications and cancer-related sellers, as well as interventional radiology, to ensure that we are able to maintain to offer sufferers with crucial pharmaceuticals and medical device, in addition to extremely straightforward data to scientific establishments. We also are focusing on developing new drugs based on the use of new technology.

Safety Systems Business

We have got a comprehensive variety of eras for explosives research, development, and production. We constructed our personal gasoline generator, tiny fuel, and squib, an ignition tool, that’s a fundamental thing of those items, using those techniques. By means of bringing such items to the marketplace, we assist to enhance the safety of automobile societies.


When was the company established?

Nippon Keisuke was established on (June 5, 1984.)

Is this product ecology friendly ?

Yes our most of our product are eco-friendly  and reduces C02.

Is there any offers or discounts on a given product?

According to our profit policy, the given discounts and offers are given to products which are being updated on a regular basis.

Do you prefer local producers?

Yes, we prefer both local and international products.

Where should I ask about the procedures regarding the purchase of products?

For registering a change or anything else in additional purchases refer contact.