Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct

Desirable compliance, and in line with the Nippon keisuke group, consists of not simply laws, policies, and suggestions, but also enterprise ethics. It advanced the action charter and action standards, with the requirement that all of its employees cooperate with each other.

Business activities

  1. Through communication with clients and the supply of suitable statistics, the Nippon keisuke organization will supply services and products that please customers at the same time as deliberating the safety and reliability of its services.
  2. The Nippon keisuke group will follow all applicable legal guidelines and regulations, which includes agency regulation, the divinity of those legal guidelines, and applicable regulations, in all of its commercial enterprise sports, and could engage in honest, clean, and open competing while establishing accurate relationships with regulatory corporations.
  3. In all of its monetary transactions, the Nippon keisuke institution respects primary rights and could not abuse or take delivery of any inappropriate behaviour based on intercourse, aged, citizenship, colour, ethnicity, or disabilities.
  4. It will employ the corporation’s assets to boost commercial enterprise efficiency and growth.

Relationship with society

  1. It honours all of each united states’ and country’s cultures, faiths, and customs, and works in harmony with society for its improvement, as well as enacting its very own rules, policies, and requirements to behaviour its sports according with natural surroundings.
  2. To construct company cost, it will percentage business facts to customers on a timely and appropriate foundation.

Information handling

  1. It ensures that every one records connected to company activities is protected to the greatest volume viable by means of management, while also respecting the patent rights of others.

Relationships between the company and individuals

  1. It offers a fine health and safety culture for law-abiding personnel at the same time as additionally respecting basic rights, range, personality, and originality.

Roles of top management by using laws

  1. By way of tackling the trouble, investigating the cause, and working to prevent any repeat of worker misconduct, we are able to concentrate to the opinions of humans outside and inside the group, establish powerful systems in the institution, and ensure thorough implementation of corporate ethics with the aid of fixing the problem, investigating the cause, and operating to save you any repeat of employee misconduct.

Nippon Keisuke Group Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for business activities

1. We are all responsible for production first-rate products and aiming for persisted progress that allows you to meet the needs of our customers and clinical records, as well as giving accurate and dependable statistics on a way to use and manipulate merchandise
2. By using following the regulations and regulations, we shall behavior fair and impartial transactions with all of our customers and companions.
3. Gender, age, foundation, race, religion, disability, nationality, pores and skin colour, way of life, ideology, morals, and political views are all reputable.
4. We respect human rights, diversity, including gender, age, nationality, race, religion, disability, ethnicity, skin colouring, culture, philosophy, beliefs, political views.
5. We shall now not use our paintings function or data to engage in actions which are in warfare with the control of the firm.
6. We will make top use of all of our corporation’s property, including copyright regulation.

Code of Conduct for relationship with society

1. We support social welfare activities as good corporate citizen by participating in local organizations.
2. We disclose business information to stakeholders with laws and polices information related to management policies, financial and non-financial data.
3. We will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, agreements, and internal regulations at all stages of our business operations in order to protect the environment against climate change, including resource and energy conservation, and technological development.

Code of Conduct for information handling

1. We will protect our tangible(such as personal computers, information systems, and network systems) and intangible assets based on Charter of Conduct and will not disclose business information beyond limit.
2. We will protect personal information as we knew the importance of it by laws and regulations.
3. We will not disclose information related to stocks exchange and markets.
4. We will respect the intellectual property rights of others and avoid improper means of information.

Code of Conduct between the company and individuals

We will promote a work-life balance by creating an environment where employees can perform their duties creatively and efficiently in a safe, clean, bright, and energetic environment by maintaining labour related laws such as safety, health and not encouraging sexual harassment and power harassment activities.